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Greeting, Status and wishes for Dussehra 2020

Welcome to special blog of Explore Automotive,This is the special blog on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra 2020 In this blog, here we provide different greetings and status for Dussehra 2020 and some special greetings images for Dussehra 2020Status and wishes for Dussehra 2020Free images for greetings and wishes for Dussehra 2020Images for wishes status for Dussehra 2020 as below:

Top 5 World's Safest Luxury Cars 2020 - Part 3

Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

Explore Automotive coming with Part -3 of the blog "Top 5 World's Safest Luxury Cars 2020 - Part 3". Lets check it out.

Is the Tesla safest car? or Which is the safest car in the world?

Tesla was founded in 2003 by a gaggle of engineers who wanted to prove that folks didn’t got to compromise to drive electric – that electric vehicles are often better, quicker and more fun to drive than gasoline or fueled cars. Let's see new cars 2020.

New cars 2020

Tesla believes the faster the planet stops counting on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the higher.

Tesla vehicles are produced at its factories which are placed in Fremont, California, and Giga factory Shanghai.

To achieve the goal of getting the safest factories within the world, Tesla Motor Company is taking a proactive approach to the safety, requiring production employees to participate during a multi-day training program before ever setting foot on the factory’s floor. 

From there, Tesla continues to supply on-the-job training and track performance daily in order that improvements are often made quickly. The result's that Tesla’s safety rate continues to enhance while production ramps.

Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

Tesla Motors is rightfully considered to be one of the leaders in production of 2020 electric cars and other automobiles.


High Impact Protection

Model S is made from the bottom up as an electrical vehicle, with high-strength architecture and a floor-mounted battery pack allowing incredible impact protection.And this safety features comes in best luxury cars.

Built for Safety

Model S is made for safety, with all-electric architecture designed to supply protection from every side—and one among rock bottom roll over risks of any car on the road.

Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

As of today, the basic configuration of Model S includes:
- heated front seats with electric settings to store the chosen parameters;
- tail gate with electric drive;
- system of cabin access without a key;
- cruise control;
- climate control with 2 zones division;
- electric window lifters;
- automatic folding wing mirrors with an electric drive and heating;
- 17-inch touch screen;
- interior background lighting with LEDs;
- 8 airbags;
- audio system with 7 speakers;
- regenerative braking system;
- additional anti-lock braking system ABS;
- Electronic Stability Control (ESC);
- Traction control system and steering stiffness control;
- Leather interior;
- decorative elements of natural wood.

Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

Modern electric vehicles 2020 cars are not less powerful than the vehicles within which combustion engines operated both in speed and acceleration amount. Year by year, the top range of the vehicle increases and the recharging battery time decreases.

Tesla Motors company has created the Supercharger charging station, which allows to charge 85 kW•h battery of electric vehicle by 50%, is 20 minutes , in 40 minute - by 80%, in 1.5 hours - full charge of the battery, and to replace the battery with a fully charged one in 1.5 minutes . 

This records the speed of charge became possible due to the power of the charging station of 120 kW and power supply directly to the battery instead of the traditional charging scheme. This features top luxury cars.

Having regards to the Tesla Motors Company on creation of a low-cost vehicle, which is the presentation (Tesla Model 3) has got to be held already in March, the increasing popularity and demand for Tesla Motor Company branded electric cars 2020 in all the major cities around the world and in Ukraine is inevitable.

Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

Aiming to achieve a safe and accident-free automotive society, Mazda promotes safety initiatives from the three viewpoints of vehicles, people, and roads and infrastructure.

Mazda has been working to make safety technologies both more functional and more economical, specially in luxury sports cars believing that these technologies will demonstrate their true value only when their use becomes widespread.

By providing a good driving environment and excellent handling stability to support the drivers’ safer driving, Mazda aims to maximize the range of ordinary driving conditions in which the driver can concentrate on driving without anxiety or stress. 

If the risk of an accident increases, the sensing functions on the vehicle provide hazard alerts to help the driver avoid danger, thereby supporting safer driving. Moreover, understanding that human nature means that mistakes or errors cannot be totally eliminated. 

Mazda offers safety functions on its vehicles that help prevent such human errors as much as possible, and if an accident occurs, help prevent the accident or reduce the resulting damage. 

While implementing measures appropriate for each accident risk so as to reduce the risk as soon as possible, Mazda places the highest focus on improving ordinary driving conditions to remove possible causes of an accident rather than on a “what if”-based approach (preparing for possible results). 

Through providing these safety featuring technologies based on the respect and understanding of human nature, Mazda supports safer and secure driving.

Continuously Evolving Basic Safety Technologies featuring as a Standard for All Vehicles Aiming that to achieve a safe and accident-free automotive society, Mazda promotes continuous evolution of basic safety technologies, such as the ideal driving position and pedal layout, excellent visibility, and active driving display, and will install these in all vehicles as a standard.

Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

Excellent Visibility

In the new-generation models*1, Mazda considers it important to secure good visibility to help the driver prevent accidents by supporting his/her ability to predict and avoid his/ her surroundings, such as road environment, other vehicles, obstacles, and pedestrians including children. 

The A-pillar is positioned about 100 mm rearward from its position in the previous model to expand the visible angle from the front seat by 1.8 degrees to both the right and the left. 

Moreover, to expand the vision through the door mirror so as to improve the visibility of pedestrians and obstacles, door mirrors are installed on the outer door board in a lower position. Visibility for children is specially cared.

“HMI Concepts” to Minimize Causes of Careless Driving

Human Machine Interface (HMI) refers to the equipment and mechanisms to facilitate transmission of various information between the driver and the vehicle. Mazda’s HMI helps drivers to maintain a stable driving position and concentrate on driving safely, even while dealing with a variety of information. 

The thoroughly human-oriented cockpit design enables the driver to concentrate during driving and minimizes the three factors that cause careless driving: inattentive looking, inattentive thinking, operation in an unstable position. 

Mazda has adopted this unique cockpit design in the new-generation models*1 since 2013.

Concept: Heads-Up Cockpit

In designing the cockpit of vehicle, Mazda places the importance on ensuring that various information communication functions are used safely and comfortably. 

Aiming at helping the driver concentrate on driving safely in a correct posture while dealing with many kinds of information, this HMI concept has achieved minimum visual distraction and posture change.

Simple cockpit with information sorted and placed in different zones

A 7-inch center display installed on the dashboard, enabling the driver to view it without lowering his/her eyes much.

Commander control pursuing operation that does not require a visible check of the driver’s hand movements.

Active driving display to present vehicle speed, navigation route and other information as an image in front of the meter hood.

A voice-recognition system to control the functions by voice is also available.

Making Advanced Safety Technologies

Standard Aiming to achieve an accident-free motorized society, Mazda will continue to enhance its advanced safety technologies and work to make them standard equipment on all models. 

The Company also aims to make the “Mazda Co-Pilot Concept,” which uses autonomous driving technologies and allows drivers to enjoy any drive with peace of mind, standard equipment by 2025.

i-ACTIVSENSE Advanced Safety Technologies

i-ACTIVSENSE is Mazda’s an umbrella term that covers the series of advanced safety technologies which are developed in line with Mazda Proactive Safety. 

They includes active safety technologies which are supporting the safer driving by helping the driving force to acknowledge potential hazards, and pre-crash safety technologies which helps to avoid collisions or reduce their severity in situations where they cannot be avoided.

Mazda Co-Pilot Concept: Human-Centered Autonomous Driving

Mazda Co-Pilot Concept is the development concept of Mazda for human-centered self-driving technology. Based on this concept, people enjoy driving and are revitalized mentally and physically through the process. 

Meanwhile, the car knows all the movements of the driver and the car and is driving “virtually” in the background at all times. 

If the unexpected occurs, such as the driver suddenly losing consciousness, the car takes control to prevent endangering vehicle occupants and passersby. 

It also automatically contacts emergency services and drives safely to an appropriate location.

Technologies to Mitigate Injuries in an Accident

Passive safety technologies which are helpful to mitigate the injuries to the driver and passengers if an accident should occur.

Mazda does not simply comply with the laws of each country and region and NCAP test, but also conducts tests*1 for various types of potential collisions that might occur on the road, and has made steady progress in developing passive technologies to better protect passengers and drivers. 

Major passive safety technologies are as follows:


Mazda has developed SKYACTIV-BODY, a new-generation body structure with lightness and high rigidity, by revisiting the basic principles and reviewing every element of the structure, production method and materials.

Multi-Load Path Structure

Disperses the impact of a crash in multiple directions throughout the framework instead of absorbing it at specific portions.

Bumper Beams

The front and rear bumper beams adopt 1,800 MPa ultra-high tensile steel with the world’s highest level of rigidity among mass production vehicles.

Cross-Shaped Front Frame

Based on the characteristic of the crash energy transferred mainly along the ridge lines of an object, the front tip of the front frame was molded into a cross shape, so as to increase ridge lines to twelve from four in a conventional square section. This helps the shock to disperse more widely, improving the energy absorption efficiency.

Pedestrian protection

Mazda uses various methods to scale back injury to pedestrians within the event of a collision.

Impact-Absorbing Bonnet

To mitigate the impact and reduce injury if a pedestrian’s head hits the bonnet (hood), an energy-absorbing space is created beneath the bonnet. An energy-absorbing structure is adopted in various parts, including the bonnet hinge.

Impact-Absorbing Bumpers

Energy absorbing materials are used in the front part of the vehicle which hits pedestrians’ knees to mitigate the severity of pedestrian knee injuries, which may seriously affect their ability to walk. 

Also, stiffening reinforcement is placed at the bottom of the bumper to better prevent a pedestrian’s leg from going under the vehicle.

Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

Active Bonnet

At certain vehicle speeds, when sensors detect an impression exceeding an outlined level, the buttocks of the bonnet is raised. 

This creates a space between the bonnet and the engine which acts to absorb the energy of impact and reduces the severity of head injuries in collisions involving pedestrians. 

This design has been adopted since July 2012, for sport cars, such as Roadster/MX-5, whose bonnet is set in a low position.

Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are designed to guard you in such ways that in which you would possibly haven't imagined — and with the hope that you’ll never need to. Mercedes Benz designed jumbo luxury cars too.

They’ve made history for introducing many of the security features that are now commonplace within the industry.

Safety Features
Top 5 World's Safest Cars 2020 - Part 3

Adaptive Braking Technology

With brakes that adapt to the road, you’re always prepared to return safely to a stop. Predictive Brake Priming detects when a driver’s foot suddenly lifts off the accelerator, then brings the restraint closer to the wheels in anticipation of a panic stop. 

Automatic Brake Drying applies a suitable amount of brake pressure to get rid of built-up water from the discs when driving in rainy conditions.

When at a stop on an incline road surface, Hill-Start Assist prevents the car from rolling back when lifting your foot off the brakes. 

If you’re stuck at an extended light or at an entire stop in traffic, the brake HOLD feature keeps the vehicle in steady position without your foot on the pedal.

Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist

You’ll always have a hand right by your side when traveling on multi-lane roadways. Going a step beyond your mirrors, Blind Spot Assist uses radar sensors to spot a vehicle is alongside yours. 

A red icon will appear on your side mirror of the vehicle and if you signal for a lane change, an audible alert will notify you. Using a specialize camera, Lane Keeping Assist do the scans of the markings which is placed on the pavement as you drive.

You’ll feel the wheel vibrate within the event that you simply begin to drift out of your lane. Both systems use advanced active technology to use the brakes on one side of your vehicle, helping to guide you safely back to position.

Attention Assist

The simple truth is that even behind the wheel of the foremost exciting vehicle, driver fatigue may be a dangerous situation which will impact you on an extended journey. 

Another industry first for Mercedes-Benz, Attention Assist identifies over 70 parameters within the first minutes of your drive to know your individual driving style. 

As the miles pass, the system will detect certain steering corrections that suggest the onset of drowsiness. Other factors are taken into consideration range from crosswinds and road smoothness that is to how frequently you interact with vehicle controls and switches. 

Should the system determine driver fatigue, Attention Assist will encourage you to prevent and rest with an audible notification.

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

Proper following distance is significant to safety on the highway, especially when control is engaged. Enabling Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC allows your Mercedes-Benz to take care of a selectable set of following distances between itself and therefore the car ahead. 

Should traffic slow or come to a stop, the vehicle will respond by slowing down accordingly or maybe reaching an entire stop. Alongside features like Active regulation Assist and Active Steering Assist, Mercedes-Benz infuses ingenuity into every vehicle when it involves safety.

Pre -Safe 

In the event of an imminent collision, the Mercedes-Benz Pre -Safe system will prepare the vehicle within the precious seconds beforehand. 

An extensive network of sensors allows Pre -Safe to detect certain critical conditions like extreme skidding. 

Next is that, it can be close the windows and sunroof, adjust front head restraints and passenger seat, and tighten the front seat belts. These reactions prepare the occupants for simpler and potentially life-saving results from the restraint systems.

Not only will Pre -Safe optimize the security systems of your Mercedes-Benz, it optimizes yours also. 

Only few models which are available with the Pre -Safe Sound feature which emits the harmless noise tuned specifically to trigger the reflex inside your ear to safeguard it from the pressures of the loud crash. 

When it involves safety, no other brand prioritizes you and your family quite Mercedes-Benz. 

Mercedes-Benz of Easton invites you to return experience their extensive lineup of models available with groundbreaking safety innovations.


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