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Greeting, Status and wishes for Dussehra 2020

Welcome to special blog of Explore Automotive,This is the special blog on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra 2020 In this blog, here we provide different greetings and status for Dussehra 2020 and some special greetings images for Dussehra 2020Status and wishes for Dussehra 2020Free images for greetings and wishes for Dussehra 2020Images for wishes status for Dussehra 2020 as below:

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Best Cheapest and Affordable luxury cars with Paddle Shifters in India 2020-2021

Are you tired of shifting gears by using the gear lever? And do you want some sporty feels of riding in small budget, car manufacturers heard your demand and coming up with gear shifter behind the steering wheel that also called as paddle shifters. Now, you don’t have to your hands off from the steering while driving a car, all the gear shifting can be done by using the paddle shifters. Here is the list of cars that are budget friendly with paddle shifters that gives the feeling of sports cars.Also Read: Top Safest Cars in the World 1. Honda Amaze
Honda is the Japanese brand well known for the best car providing in this segment. Honda Amaze is one of the sedan cars in this segment. Honda Amaze is the first car that comes with paddle shifters. Company launched Amaze with two engine options one is 1.2 litre i-VTEC petrol engine and another one is 1.5 litre i-DTEC diesel engine. And these both the engines paired with manual as well as automatic transmission. Honda Amaze V and VX variant o…

How to make off road areas?

Welcome to Explore Automotive, in this blog we learn about the off roading track and how to make off road areas and many more regarding off roading tracks.Off Roading is the great way to get out and experience the adventure and off roading can be defined in a technical way as driving a vehicle through rough terrain or watery trails. Off roading can also be said in unique way that’s a lot of fun. Whether you are navigating through the sand dunes, mud-filled trails and mountainous terrains, off roading becomes a more popular sport for both the beginner and expert also. So, learn about the types of off roading areas with this information guide helping the best. MuddingMudding is the area which is the dirtiest of all off roading types. I am surely said that when you come home from a day of mudding, you or your vehicle both will have to get hosed down in the garage. Mudding doesn't take anything fancy or extravagant. All that is required for making track for this is the large area of we…

Functions of Automobile Chassis Components

Welcome to Explore Automotive, in this blog we learn about different functions of automobile chassis components.As we say Definition of chassis so let us know about it ,the name ‘Chassis’ is a French term that was initially used to denote the frame or main structure of the vehicle. The chassis frames includes all the major units that are necessary to propel the vehicle, guide its motion, stop it and allow it to run smoothly over uneven surfaces.  Automobile chassis is the main mounting member for all the components including the body. And it is also known as the carrying unit. Functions of ChassisThe functions of the chassis includes 1) Chassis carries the weight of the vehicle and its passengers, and goods in case of cargo vehicles 2) Withstanding the engine and transmission torque and thrust stresses, as well as accelerating and braking torque,3) Withstanding the centrifugal force while taking a turn and 4) Withstanding the bending load and twisting due to the rise and fall of the fr…

Steering System in Automobile, Steering System Components and Types of Steering System

Steering SystemAutomobile is fragmentary without the steering system as it gives the directional stability. Steering system enables that the driver to easily maneuver the vehicle according to the path.It’s not mean that automotive, when developed included steering mechanism. So, here one question arise that how the steering wheel which we see on today’s car was invented?Image source: Here360The automotive freaks, during those days got the idea of steer the vehicle from boats which used tilter that helped them to turn left or right. The idea was implemented on automobiles too. But didn’t last longer as it required that it takes more effort and the steering ability was almost poor. The ultimate discovery of the steering wheel was seen in Pan hard model which was tested in the Paris – Roven race. This innovation was then seen in every car model that followed and as such the round steering wheel become important and compulsory element of the car.The steering system is however not as easy …